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Cutting-edge 3D LiDAR Security, Safety and Smart City Surveillance Solutions

We protect people, transport, sites, fleets and assETS.

We enable smart infrastructure, cities and places.

Volumetric + Perimeter Detection Systems

3D Safety and

Security Solutions

LiDAR Sensor

Sales + Support

Smart Infrastructure + Smart City Integration

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Our Leading Solutions


Our vision is to provide the world with break-taking safety and security detection solutions, boasting a faster response to threats and overall mitigating long-term risk.

​NIRRAY is the leading provider of next-generation security, safety and LiDAR technologies. We deliver innovative value through our strong expertise in LiDAR, Laser Scanning, Geospatial, CCTV and advanced imaging systems, and offer world-class technical support and deployment for our customers.
Our innovative solutions provide intelligent perimeter, zonal and volumetric detection capabilities, live​ threat tracking, and cutting-edge observational features. The use of LiDAR for security surveillance allows a comprehensive 3D interface for threat detection, allowing risks to be identified quicker when compared to traditional manned guards or CCTV.
NIRRAY is officially a trusted partner of Leica Geosystems, Velodyne and Tacticaware. Our support team includes Telefonica, Wayra, West Midlands 5G, Deloitte, Oxford Innovation, Digital Catapault, The Southampton Science Park and many more. We are highly respected by our Partners in order to deliver the utmost best solutions for our clients. 

Our Partners

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Our Company Solutions

Technology Experts 

3D measurement surveillance to solve real-world 3D problems unlike

2D CCTV camera systems.

System Integration

We can assist with the integration into existing Video Management Software (VMS) or PSIM platforms.

3D Perception 
Analysis Software

We provide smart software for

security and safety surveillance

analysis, including AI learning.

Bespoke Smart

We can tailor our solutions to your requirements, and undertake bespoke designs where required.


Our Products

​NIRRAY is a reseller of high velocity LiDAR sensors ranging from the Leica BLK 247 to the Velodyne Puck Range. Depending on the application and use-case, we can recommend and demonstrate the best sensor to suit your requirements. 
​NIRRAY is an Authorized Leica Geosystems Distributor and partner of Tacticaware (Hexagon). NIRRAY was an early pilot user for the Leica BLK 247 and it's associated software.
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Our Industries

​We offer our products and services to various industry sectors. Our leadership team carries extensive experience of the construction, travel, and the built environment industries, helping us to identify the best solution for your business.
If you have a particular use-case for LiDAR other than for security, safety or smart infrastructure - please get in contact with us. We facilitate any project requiring lifecycle surveillance technologies, digitisation, 3D security surveillance and survey applications. 
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  • What is LiDAR and what does it stand for?
    Lidar (LiDAR) is an acronym for "Light Detection and Ranging", and can be known as "Laser Scanning" or "3D Scanning" across various sectors.
  • What is the difference between LiDAR and CCTV?
    Unlike CCTV cameras, Lidar is able to provide a higher accuracy of detection and situation awareness in 3D that can be measured or tracked in real-time. he use of Lidar is considerably more efficient by reducing the amount of detection and monitoring hardware required such as hardwired PIR's and Infrared Beam detectors required to protect a site, property or asset. The data visualised by Lidar can determine the outline of a person, object or space. With intelligent integration, this can become an "automated security guard" with intelligence on object/person classification and contextual threat analysis.
  • What is LiDAR used for?
    Lidar is mainly adopted for surveying, security, autonomous vehicles and robotics, but can also be used in manufacturing, geomatics, mapping, crop mapping, meteorology, archaeology and many more.
  • How does LiDAR work?
    ​The technology is based on emitting eye-safe laser beams to gauge range, distance and form characteristics that produces a 3D representation of the surveyed context.
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