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3D Laser Scanning, 
Measured Building Surveys & Geospatial Consultancy

We measure, map, scan, capture, and digitise buildings, transport, sites, heritage, towns, fleets and assets.


3D Laser Scanning

Point Cloud (Capture)

BIM Services

Measured Building Services

Scan to BIM

Expert Witness

Drone Mapping

As-built Surveys

Airport Scanning


Property Services


Pipe Surveys


Topographic Land Surveys

Condition Surveys

M&E Scanning

Ship Scanning

Building Management Systems (BMS)

Building Monitoring

Verification Surveys

Digital Twin

Marine Surveys

Mapping Services

LiDAR Mapping

UAV Surveys

Infrastructure Mapping

Clash Detection Scanning

Condition Surveys

Structure Monitoring

Engineer Checking Rails

Our Mission


​Our mission is to provide digital Survey, Reality Capture and Geospatial solutions for the built environment, construction and transport industries. 

Nirray is officially a trusted partner of Leica Geosystems Survey Equipment and Velodyne LiDAR Solutions.

Core Values


​Nirray delivers innovative value through our strong expertise in surveying, laser scanning services and reality capture solutions using the latest Geospatial innovations and equipment.


Our expert team provides a skilled technical understanding of capturing measured data within the construction and built environment industries, and ensures quality, speed and efficiency in our delivery.


Laser scanning is a highly detailed and accurate survey process that captures measured and geometric data of a building, structure or place.


The technology involves LiDAR for which emits laser beams and calculates the return reflection rate. The output forms a comprehensive 3D point-cloud model, and is used to produce accurate plans, elevations and sections of a building. 


Reliability is key to our service offering. 

Our reliability, accuracy, detail, capabilities and speed of our survey and laser scanning (reality capture) services is a crucial requirement for Architects, Engineers, Planners, Heritage Experts, Forensics, Investigators, Town Planners, Interior Designers, Faculties Managers, Film Producers, Asset Owners and Event Organisers. 

Our Geospatial Approach

Accurate survey information 

Our highly detailed 3D point cloud data is millimetre accurate for all survey requirements. 

Our leading and latest technology

We operate the latest laser scanning, reality capture, LiDAR, and total station survey systems. 

3D, BIM, PDF and CAD deliverables

All of our survey data can be provided in both 3D and 2D outputs for all leading CAD platforms.

A professional approach

Our approach is customer focused, and we cherish our reliable and rapid response to project briefings. 

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Country House

Our Sectors


Estates and Buildings

Concrete Bridge Intersection


Structures and Technical

Cruise Ship


Ships and Boats

The Wykeham Arms Winchester


Conservation and Architecture

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Festivals and Live Events

Aston Martin Lagonda


Car Factories and Showrooms

Sewage Filtration


Water Treatment and Petrochemical

Empty Subway Station


Rail and Transport



Aircraft and Airports

Nirray Leica Geosystems
Nirray Velodyne Lidar
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Our Partners

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